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According to the teachings of the major religions, human beings were created by God, with the power to create and design the life he or she desires. As we look around, we can see many attributes of a higher power (God), that we experience but cannot explain, not the least of which is the working of our complex mind and bodies. Humans also have an innate calling or are drawn toward spirituality, which is satisfied by the connections to some form of religious dogma. It is within these religious dogmas that most people find answers to complex questions and comfort in times of difficulties.


  1. Anita Lashley

    This book is really good, it caused me to look within and I found the source of my issues. Great read I will definitely recommend it to everyone, especially young people. Thank you for writing it

  2. Mark Brown

    Of all the self-help books I have read this is the most impactful. I am much happier for reading it

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