Sekou Obadias

The author’s life is itself a great testimony to the power of self-mastery, and he uses his writings to reach as many people as possible to provide inspiration and tools to help them achieve their dreams. Born in Guyana, a small country in South America, Sekou Obadias arrived in the United States at the age of twenty-six with no academic qualification and very little reading ability. Using self-mastery tools, he was able to obtain a Computer Engineering Degree, became a Master Teacher in the New York Public school system, a Financial Specialist, and entrepreneur, building several businesses before finally using his vast life experiences, to become a motivational speaker and a Personal Development Life Coach helping others to achieve the same success as he. 

He is the founder of the Gift of Life Dunamis (GOLD International) a Non-Profit Organization, with a mission to fund projects that uplift the human spirit and improves quality of life for the economically under privileged. His broader vision is to create materials which will focus on: the mind; humanitarianism; character-building, and leadership to be included to the curriculums of all educational institutions from daycares to colleges, with the goal of raising up a new generation of free-thinking leaders who are socially conscious, cares about humanity and the environment. “Christianity In Crisis.” and “SOGNUTU”- A book of Life’s Maxims, which is a companion workbook to this book.